Robert Stringer

Co-Owner / Lead Service Writer

•  From Blue Ridge

•  Former manager of the Rock n’ Roll Express

•  Once parachuted into Lithuania by mistake

 • not a fan of Carol Baskin

Jon Stringer

Co-Owner / Head Technician

• Honorary member of the Country Music Hall of Fame

• Has personally seen the ghost at Poinsett Bridge

• Once let Charlie Rich borrow his lighter to set John Denver’s Country Music Award on fire

• Enjoys long walks seldom to never

Josh Mooney

Service Writer

•  From Berea, SC;

•  Backup drummer for Cheap Trick;

•  Internationally known as Freddie Tiffany

• likes to hang out in certain circles, (and "of")

Bob Taylor


• From Pittsburg, PA,

• Animal rights activist,

• Heavy metal enthusiast

• has been kicked out DMV's for yelling BINGO, over O-120 times

Bo Steele


• From Hendersonville, NC

• Enjoys:

    slamming gears;

    riding wheelies on the streets of old Mexico;


    magic eye puzzles


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